Sunday, October 19, 2014

The Right Place at the Right Time

Bam! I can't believe that awesome idea! I'll save it/tweak it/ use it tomorrow.

It's amazing how often that happens when I am scrolling through my Twitter feed or participating in a Twitter chat. I'm constantly wowed by my "luck" as I strike gold when I find the perfect idea to teach whatever it is I'm teaching now or next. It often seems like I was in the right place at the right time. Many ideas appear to be targeted at me and my students. 

I find myself wondering what would have happened if I didn't check my feed today or didn't join in this chat. I ponder all the great ideas that were likely missed because I wasn't connected at that time.

However, those of us who are engaged in Twitter (ok...obsessed), believe that no matter when we log on, there are phenomenal educators on the other side of those tweets. Any time of the day, I am likely find an idea or activity that resonates with me. In addition, someone is usually tweeting just the perfect thought I need to hear at that time if I am open to listen.

Any time on Twitter is the right time, and Twitter is definitely the right place. I wonder what will speak to me and my students today?

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